Friday, 6 July 2012

Things I love: Cats

You know there are just somethings in the world you can't help but loving them more and more.. For me, cats are one of those things. I am a cat person and I am proud of that.. though sometimes it takes a lot more than just calling yourself a cat person. You have to act like a cat person when it comes to actually taking a responsibility of a cat. Oh, did I tell you that I love cats? 
Yes, I love cats. more than so many things in this world and I would prefer a cat over so many other things. It's just that they are so soft and they have these cute paws that when you touch they feel like small-untouched-baby-hands.

And when they touch you with those paws carefully that their nails don't hurt your skin it just feels like babies (why I'm being reminded of babies again and again, I don't know..but it feels that way, okay?)  but this is one of the lovelies moments with a cat when it strokes your face with its paws, it feels like it's trying to make you feel better or cheer you up!

(For all the cats out there if you stroke a human's face with cute paws to make them feel better, It's working! Please do that more often!)

I love cats because they have the most beautiful eyes in the world. you can just stare in those colors and won't feel awkward at all.

I love them because they have that playful tail thing that they do which I think depicts their moods and it feels royal. I love them because they walk like they own the place and still they have such a cute expression on their face with being all so classy.553349_471470069547499_45602469_n_large

I love them because they keep themselves clean (okay, many other animals do that too, but cats... OMG aren't they cute when they do that?)


I love them because their nose. Their little pinkish nosey with those whiskers trying to sniff stuff.
I love them because of that jumping on the prey kind of thing like they are trying to look tough and brave and dangerous like a lion when they are actually just trying to catch your earphones or a small ball.



I love them because I get one of the best feeling in the world when a cats licks my fingers or my hand or better my toes. That is the most complicated..............


 (I just took a break of like 30 seconds while writing this because my cat started licking my fingers. Awesome, isn't it? Okay, so where were we? yes!)

That is the most complicated love-like-adore-lust kind of thing that their highness actually took time to lick 
your hands and make you feel better. No, not better, loved! 
I love cats because they remind me of women (I don't disagree that male cats don't exist and I'm certainly not saying that male cats are girlish or something like that, but they remind me of them in a lot of ways, okay? get over it!).
Like, you know when they get all jealous and possessive about the stuff that they have in the house when 
suddenly a guest cat comes over and your cat refuses to play with them or share it's toys with them or worse let them enter its own kingdom as if your cat has smelled the awesomness from that cat and is afraid that you might start liking the other cat more than them.
Isn't it how women behave sometimes? The moment they notice that the other one has something better than them or they see that people are giving them admiring glances they get offended and they feel humiliated like someone has slapped their face off for being less classy and they yell at the top of their voice,"I HATE THIS BITCH." which sadly no one else can hear because they are not actually yelling; they are just informing their inner woman self that from now on the name of that particular woman has been added to the list 
"Women I Never Wanna See Again (because they look better than me and stuff)."

I love cats because it feels such an honor when they let you rub their tummy,I mean this is one of the cutest
facts about cats. They try to bite your fingers yet they want you to keep rubbing that little belly of them while it's ticklish like hell.

I love them because they look so bloody cute when they sleep and ever cuter when they wakeup and stretch and yawn.

I love cats because when you hug them, they just melt in your arms like you are a source of comfort for them and they feel good in your arms.
I love cats because when they get attached to you, you are being given attention by them and they play with you and run towards you when you enter the house and its one of the loveliest feelings in the world, knowing that
for them you are important not to forget how short their attention span towards you is, but they can give you that feeling in one moment, trust me it's all you need at some point of your life. And what is even better
is that they snub others when you are the center of your attention and that is something that you know deep down everyone wants; getting attention from the most important people in your life.
 How many times do we yell these or similar words by heart when we are craving that attention and someone else comes along?
Screw you, that's My best friend! 
(That bestie belongs to me. And you have no right to act like you are a better friend than I am. And if you call them your best friend, I'm gonna rip your body and serve it to hungry lions.)

Back off,  He is My brother.
(How dare you act like you are family or something?)

Get your eyes off of My boyfriend.
(Bitch, there is plenty of fish in the sea. get your own. It's Mine.)

I hope i made my point clear. I even used Italics and made the important words bold so 
you can understand! 

I love cats because they purrr (that is one hell of a logical reason.)
I love them because they can twist their necks and look at you in the most cutest way possible. 
like this. this. this.
I love cats because they are independent. If they wanna do something, they'll do it anyway even if you have told them not to do it. And when you scold them about doing that stupid thing, they meow in the cutest way ever.
(Translation: Bitch, i'm a CAT. I did it because I wanted to. Stop me or not, Imma gonna do that anyway.)


I love cats because they can give you high-fives when needed.



I love cats because they keep distracting you from doing their work and they love to walk on your laptop's keys.






I love cats, because they are cats! 
Do you love cats?
If yes, tell me why?
if no, tell me why?
Ampersands & angle brackets need to be encoded.


  1. cat pill overload! i love cats too <3

  2. I love cats, too. My little guy, James, is very loyal. He follows me from room to room like a dog.

  3. So cute, I love cats too, in fact I've got my big stripy Bobs sitting next to me right now x

  4. Awww, I adore cats too! They are cute ALL the time, they are independant, they are soft and cuddly, they are amazing!

  5. I love cats, I love all animals. But once in my house I did have cats, now I don't, but I love them and will love them always!