Thursday, 26 April 2012

Harry Potter Sweater Giveaway! (International)

So there's this awesome cute shop called SO EFFING CUTE on Etsy at which you'll find cute nerdy things!
The owner of the shop is Debbie Marine and the tagline of her products is "I put nerdy things on clothes."
well, i find that very cute and since I'm always in search of cute and lovely things plus there is a nerdy effect added to the things like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and The hunger Games; that makes so hard to ignore these things..

Introduction of the Owner:
Hi everyone!
I'm Debbie, and I put nerdy things on clothes...
I started this Etsy shop as a resource for Roller Derby girls. Since then I have unleashed my inner Geek and made a few more things.
I'm a college student getting my BFA in Photography but I love all things art!
I love looking through Etsy and finding the amazing items people have made. 
 So, let's have a look at the things that i found most interesting..

Deathly Hallows Loose Crop Tee - Harry Potter - One Size - Made to Order
Deathly Hallows Loose Crop Tee - Harry Potter

Deathly Hallows Bottle Opener - Harry Potter
Deathly Hallows Bottle Opener - Harry Potter

SAMPLE SALE - Hunger Games Mockingjay Cross Back Tank - Size Large Only - Ready to Ship
Hunger Games Mockingjay Cross Back Tank 

Deathly Hallows Mirror - Harry Potter
Deathly Hallows Mirror - Harry Potter

Debbie is very generous to offer one of my reader a Harry Potter Sweater..

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Laptop Decal Giveaway! (International)

I happen to come across this cute etsy store called Chamber Decals, which is owned By David Ling who lives in Singapore..
Here is some stuff that i find too cute and adorable..
Cute Duck and Ducklings Wall Decal

Cute Balancing Pink Elephant & Birds Wall Decal
Cute Bear Wall Decal
Whales of Love Wall Decal

David says:

A simple decal shop I created from the tropical island: Singapore! 
With 5 years of experience in this field, encompass with a creative and fun loving designer, enriched with heaps of design software knowlege and ample digital cutomisation exposure catered to different customers, we' re here to satisfy your needs!
Chamber Decals promise to satisfy customers the quality of our decals and designs. I am always creating new designs to satisfy my hunger for new heights and expand the diversity in the inventory.
My designs revolve in fun loving, happy hearted, positive and cute looking~ Very suitable for babies and children at age or children in heart~ ;) 
Also suitable for new homes, new borns and new weds who wants to decorate their home and rooms with style adding a sense of fun to live up their living space.
I design and manufacture decals myself, using high quality stickers which are durable, UV protected and weather proof~

David Ling has offered one of my readers any laptop Decal under $25 from their shop.
So have a look at the shop and see what you wanna win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Harry potter Wand giveaway! (International)

hey everyone,
Since the month of April has started and many of you know that it's my birthday month so i have planned some awesome giveaways throughout the month till my birthday (April 29th, teehee)..

And what could be better than the stuff that i love the most..
 I have already done two giveaways involving Hello Kitty and Glitter, now it's Harry Potter's turn..

So I happened to go through this Etsy shop called Kiklopsdynamic..
and in this giveaway one of the followers will get this Harry Potter Wand..

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The winner of the Nail Confetti and glitter giveaway is 


Congratulations Maryam, i have sent you an email.. hope you reply me soon!
if the winner doesn't reply me in 48 hours, i'll select a new winner!

Thankyou everyone who participated, I'm just gonna Post a new giveaway in an hour! 


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