Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ramadan Mubarik!

Ramadan Mubarik, everyone!

I'm not one to talk about religion, but I'm feeling pretty great..
Today is the first day of Ramadan here in Pakistan and like every other Muslim, I am trying to be a better Muslim.
Here in Pakistan Ramadan is celebrated in rather a different way than other countries.
It's not like that I have noticed a huge difference, it's just that the feeling is different.
I've been waiting for Ramadan, I don't know why but this is the month when most of the Muslims 
are trying to be good in any way, and I think that is a positive thing.
I am not a very good Muslim but there are deeds and things that we do that help us get through the whole year!
 I have so many personal goals set for this month. In sha Allah, I will be able to complete each one.
So there are some things that I wanna share with you people about Ramadan.

Often we find that the darkest times in our lives are followed by the most precious. Sometimes it’s at the moment when everything looks broken that something least expected lifts us and carries us through. Like the sun that rises at the end of the night, our dawn has come. In His infinite mercy, Allah has sent the light of Ramadan to erase the night. He has sent the month of the Qur’an so that He might elevate us and bring us from our isolation to His nearness. He has given us this blessed month to fill our emptiness, cure our loneliness, and end our soul’s poverty. He has sent us the dawn that we might find from darkness – light.
Yasmin Mogahed

Don’t forget to make Dua’ right before you eat at Maghrib. Ask for anything,

because the moment before fast is broken, the Dua’s made are the ones Allah 

SWT will bring, In sha Allah.

Sayyidina Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudree (R.A.) narrates that the Prophet (saw) said: “When the first night of Ramadhaan dawns, the doors of the skies are opened, and none of its doors are then closed until the last night of Ramadhaan. No believing servant (of Allah) performs salaah during its night (any night of Ramadhaan), but Allah will record for him 1500 hasanah (rewards) for every sajdah that he makes. And Allah will build a home for him in Jannah made out of red ruby, which will have 60000 doors, each of its doors having (interlinked to, leading to) a palace made out of gold, ornamented (beautified and decorated) with rubies. Thus, when he (the mu?min) fasts on the first day of Ramadhaan, all his past sins are pardoned, and seventy thousand malaaika make istighfar for him, daily, from the time of the fajr salaah, until the sun sets. And for every sajdah that he makes during Ramadhaan, either by day or by night, there will be for him a tree, (in Jannah, so huge that) a person on horseback will ride in its shade for five hundred years.

I will be blogging a little less but I will be doing the "My week in Photos" posts! and definitely it will be having a lot of Ramadan related things. And oh yes, this Ramadan I'll be trying to learn how to cook delicious things (i hope so), so I'll be sharing the recipes and the photos too... If they turn out to be good!
 And I pray for all of my followers that may this Ramadan bring you peace and prosperity good health and wealth, and brighten your life forever.

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  1. Happy Ramadhan. Here's also the first days of ramadhan's month in Indonesia ^^

  2. I'm excited for this ramadhan too! and for your week in photos posts :D
    Happy ramadhan!

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  4. What happened??? Ramadan has not ended yet? Is everything ok?

  5. Heloooooooooo

    Is everything ok? What happen to you? I miss your posts...