Saturday, 19 May 2012

Something Inspiring!

Count the number of cars in  the passing train.

Smile at the homeless man at the corner.

Hold the door for someone you don't know.

Listen to a new genre of music.

Text to the lonely kid first even if they are a boring texter.

Walk through a graveyard at night, leave flowers on an unfamiliar grave.

Go a day without cussing.

Sing in public.

Take advantage of free refills.

Bring your dog with you next time you go to the bank or post office-
not every car ride for them should be to the vet.

Make homemade lemonade.

Turn off the computer and read a good book cover to cover before getting back on.

Stand up for something, anything.

Donate your spare change to the next foundation fund jar you see.

Tip your waiter a little extra if they are nice.

Say hello to someone you don't normally associate with.

Look up the history of your town and share it with others.

Play hide and seek with kids.

Give a hug.


Don't criticize what you don't understand-
in fact don't criticize at all.
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Enjoy the little things in life because if you don't,
someone else will..

fatema <3
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