Saturday, 10 March 2012

Exercise Finder..

I'm busy, yes.. too busy actually.. but being busy is not an excuse for eating too much and not caring at all..
even if it's an excuse it's a lame one.. i feel guilty using this excuse..
I'm feeling too fat lately and seems like i have gained too much weight.. I usually don't bother about my weight and stuff even though i eat too much of junk and things that  are the cause of weight gaining since i love walking..
 and i think that helped me a lot in keeping myself in shape..
but now i think only walking is not enough and i want to bring myself in proper shape (because my clothes don't fit me easily and i have started to feel stuck in them.)

i was searching through internet and i found this interesting site and here is the Exercise Finder.
Not only I found it interesting but cool too since you click on the particular part of the body for which you want an exercise and there you go, you get some different exercises described in pics.
Even though the picture are a lot help but still i tried finding these exercises on YouTube too by writing the related names and I got them too.
now all i have to do is to get up and do some exercises and not be that same lazy ass. 
Plus, I've started having that feeling while eating that i'm eating too much.. i wanna get over that thought too..
because i love  food and i don't wanna stop eating.. perhaps i should start eating more healthy food..

Any tips for weight loss better body shape?
Ampersands & angle brackets need to be encoded.

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  1. Thank you for this site, it's great. I' m trying to lose some weight too, and also to tight my body. I found some great exercises on youtube, but workout is not enough, if you like food so much I think the best thing is to eat everything you like but three times less than before. Works for me, I lost 2 kilograms (mostly belly fat) in a week. And you have to stop eating all flour products.