Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Before I die.. (1)

There are somethings that i wanna try or possess before i die.. no matter how much you try to be realistic about stuff there is just something deep down in you that wants you to have it even if its the most impossible thing to get, a craving, a desire to 
just get your hands on them.. however illogical, immature and out of reach these things maybe, i still wanna do them before i die..

so here's the list and it will keep increasing just like my never ending desires.

 To own a typewriter.
Perhaps a Cute vintage typewriter would do. 
i just don't know I've always been attracted to typewriters. I always wonder how is it like to press your fingers on those keys. keys? is it the right word? alright, so i'd have to learn about them when i have one.
i think something written with typewriter is sexy. i love the sound they make when you type.
and not to mention the usual font you see in typography. i am not sure if they have different fonts in typewriters. i would prefer the old font for it though. I wanna write (type) letters, long lovely letters to the people who mean something to me.. and i love those typing mistakes, where there are lined of sometimes blots of ink, i don't know if anybody has seem them but i have in a lot of pictures on internet. and i love them.. i love those mistakes, those slightly crossed words, give me feeling of something beautiful without being perfect. 
the desire to get a typewriter makes me realize no matter how much i want to  be near the modern things i have a thing for the old and classy ones too.. and i can't decide what kind of personality i have based on the things i like or i am attracted to..

Do you like typewriters? 
tell me, i wanna know..
Ampersands & angle brackets need to be encoded.


  1. I found this picture few days ago, and I thought the same... how would I like to own this typewriter.

    I don't know what would be the thing I want the most before I die, but one of them is surely one of those little private planes, I don't know if it has a special name...to go everywhere. Something like this one. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3426/3846489329_0c163a1cfb.jpg

    1. wow, that is a cool idea! i hope you get one!

  2. we still use typewriters in my office. I happen to love them! I have been searching for the perfect vintage one (reasonably priced) to put in my home office

  3. I have a vintage one, from my grandmother I think. similar to this one, but it's black. It's very heavy, probably around 100 kilos hehe.. and typing is hard too, you really have to press hard and sometimes fingers gets into holes. not very nice feeling ;)

    1. is it the same with every typewriter? or something is wrong with yours? like its old or something?

    2. I don't know. maybe it's because it's really old..

  4. I have a typewriter. The doctor I work for was cleaning out his office and found it. He gave it to me but it's not as cute as this one. It's gray!!

    1. wow, but it's still a typewriter.. :) do you use it?

  5. I just wanted to know when you're gonna tell us who won Avril Lavigne parfum?