Friday, 29 June 2012

My giveaway blog!

So I've been asked by a lot of people that why do I not post giveaways on my blog like the normal people do? yeah, I'm not normal. And I've been asked if it's because i don't want other people to get into the giveaways that i enter because of the competition.
blog blog blog
 I don't feel like giving answer to those who don't understand but it's just that I don't feel like participating in many giveaways now a days. Long story short, I've made a new giveaway blog, on which I'll be sharing all the giveaways that I'm participating! and I will no longer be using this blog's giveaway page. BUT these both blogs will be connected together so if you unfollow me here, you won't be able to participate in MY GIVEAWAYS which usually are awesome and i know you can't disagree with me on this!
So, you can also submit me your giveaways there and i am still working on that blog but you can already follow my blog.

Ampersands & angle brackets need to be encoded.


  1. Hi, you entered the giveaway at my blog Your twitter follow is not showing up. Can you make sure it says "Following"? Thank you!

  2. glad to hear this, following you

  3. Yeah... right decision. :)

    Follow me back?

  4. Great idea!


  5. Hi, I have followed you back on here. You have such a lovely blog. :-)

    For everyone else if they want to check out my blog, there is a giveaway going on there as well.