Sunday, 13 November 2011

Review: Clean & Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Facial Cleanser

 My Experience:
I've been using this cleanser for two weeks,
and i absolutely love it.. Since it has worked out with my oily skin
in such a better way..
it has a lovely minty kind of smell and when i apply
it on my face it gives a cool feeling. plus it has beads in it, 
and when they get burst on your skin the cooling effect gets doubled..

here is the closeup of the beads..
it has helped my skin to be oil free and there
are less pimples since the day i started using it..
it's oxygen infused formula, and that's the reason it gives such a fresh feeling..

i use it just the way it's mentioned on the bottle by gently
massaging all over wet face and avoiding eye area and rinsing afterwards..
it helps in removing makeup and dirt and doesn't clog pores, neither does it causes breakouts..
it's perfect for my oily skin and has suited me more than any other cleanser!

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