Sunday, 6 November 2011

MYSWEETFIX: My Birthday Giveaway!

MYSWEETFIX: My Birthday Giveaway!:
  1. Be a follower of this blog!
  2. Repost this contest on your blog with the picture of the prizes above, mechanics and a link back to this post.
  3. Comment below with your name, email address, and a link to your blog post reposting this giveaway.
Giveaway ends in November 19.
Ampersands & angle brackets need to be encoded.


  1. hie... don't have any blog....

    I'm a follower... GFC: Batool Jafri

    I'm really addict to giveaways and loved you blog for that especially!!

  2. I am a follower of your blog via gfc
    3 giggly monsters

  3. it wasn't my giveaway!

    it was the giveaway of my sweet fix

    my giveaway is coming soon! stay tuned!