Saturday, 10 December 2011

Things I Love.. #1 (Cakes)

..I was wondering about all the things that i love and enjoy in my life and thought why not to share them with you.. and since i love the way a photograph describes the feelings more than words i'll share the pictures and also because i find my self at trouble describing my feeling about thing at times. and i believe just like actions, pictures speak louder than words..
.the pictures would be not specifically photographed by me but the ones that touched my heart. these  things can include anything as long as I like them..
i am giving them numbers but not ranking.. i'll just share them randomly whenever i'm in mood and most probably in the mood of having and enjoying that particular thing with me!This post might be picture heavy,
as i am going to share so many lovely pictures..

here it is,
the first thing i love
The mere sight of a cakes makes me want to eat the whole cake..
it can be any cake; a simple sponge cake or a cake with hundreds of layers. but it has to be a cake..
Whenever I am sad or depressed or feeling low without any reason,
this this one thing that can lift me up..

There is so much about a cake that inspires me,yeah they not only lift up my mood by getting spoons full of cake into my mouth and eating and eating.. there is something more.. the way they look like.. 
i mean all cakes are CUTE.. right? i have never seen an ugly cake.. even the cake which my sister tried first time ever in her life, i found that cute too..
till yet, i have seen so many pics of rainbow cakes, and seriously i am sure gonna try a rainbow cake when i learn baking..
duh, i can't bake.. but i'll learn.. for the sake of my sanity to keep my self in order i must learn how to bake..
yes, i was talking talking about being inspired by the cakes so they inspire me in a 
lot of ways.. People say they don't go for the looks rather they go for the personality when seeing a person..
now you'll be thing how a person and a cake can be similar..
 but for me they are, uh to some extent..
Frankly, when it comes to both, I go for LOOKS..
the only difference is that you can get to know a person and then fall for their personality after that
but you can't wait to fall for the personality of a cake.. can you?
well, i can't!
or you can do one thing more..
you can try that cake and fall for it even harder..
ok that was exaggeration? i can't help exaggerating about the things i am crazy about..
but when i said i get inspired it was in a way that they always look pretty and adorable..
they actually manage to look good from the outside and taste ever better from the inside.
(unless you accidentally spill half of the bottle containing vanilla essence just like my sister did.. :/)
i am not complaining about my sister but i actually had so high hopes from that cake..
 it was the first and the last cake she ever made anyway..
the other thing that inspires me how the one who made that cake worked so hard on making it so
juicy and soft and with layers and adding colors and giving flavors..
sometimes it makes me so awed how the baker had tried and how many times they had failed
and how they got at that point when they made such a delicious thing that could make you speechless for a moment while devouring it..
you can't just make in the first try and in order to make it even better you have to work on it even harder..
but there are something that i can't stand in a cake
too much coffee
and what can i say about the cupcakes?
they are so tine and cute and lovely..
i find my self at the loss of words..
perhaps, pictures may help..



one of my all time idiotic dreams was to own a small cupcake shop in small town of France or Italy or England or Ireland.. i could just save a lot of money and go there and make my dream come true..
but i am too lazy to do that and i am so bad at saving money..

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  1. jeez!!!! everything looks yummy! I love the bunny in the trunk

  2. Everything look so delicious.

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